About a Massage Therapist

About a Massage Therapist

You’ve found me! So you’ve done some research into the career of Massage Therapy. What intrigues you? What made you think this would be the right fit? This is an amazing field, constantly changing as more research into different modalities is done. I’d like to share a bit about a Massage Therapist, from my perspective.

Why be a Massage Therapist

First and foremost, it is amazing. You will get such joy out of caring for another in possibly the most uncomfortable state sunsetthey could be in. My experiences have been so vast in the almost 10 years I practiced, I don’t remember a specific favorite. What I can say, I have made lifelong connections with people and I will never forget that.

As with all new experiences, there maybe some discomfort in the beginning (not gonna lie). If you are someone who likes their personal space, this occupation will definitely give you a great opportunity for growth. Some people also don’t like to be touched. They choose to visit a massage therapist however for their knowledge and expertise. They allow you into their personal space to provide amazing opportunities for positive changes and that is such a great gift.

This career choice is also great for any age. There are more physically intense treatments like sports and deep tissue massage and some that have the softer touch like myofascial release and energy work.

Wage can be very flexible. If you choose to open or start your own business, of course you will obtain all profits, but you will also have all the costs. If instead you would like to work for someone else, you can be paid by the hour or salary depending on the situation.

Flexibility in scheduling is another great option. I have worked where I was busy for 8 hours straight to doing 2-3 massages a day. It all depends on you and your needs physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.

Massage School Research

When I chose a massage school, I only researched the school and not the types of treatment offered. Looking back now, I appreciate the therapies I have learned as they were very important in my treatments, but I wish I would have done some research into different types of treatment available out there.

The school I went to was a welcoming and comfortable place. The very first night we were lucky enough to start learning hand flowerthe hands on stuff. To get us all comfortable, we had to take turns in being the “client”, but instead of changing out of our clothes in the bathroom, we had to change under the sheets in front of everyone. A building with only 2 bathrooms, it would have taken forever. Besides, we were getting ready for careers where we would have to be comfortable with nakedness, so…it worked.

They only offered core classes. Elective classes were unavailable, but for those (like me) who knew nothing before starting, I didn’t mind. I would just recommend doing your research into different schools and their offering. Even look up massage modalities online and read about some treatment opportunities and go from there.

My Experiences

When I first went to Massage School, I worked part-time at My Salon, Inc in Flat Rock, Mi. At the time they had a spa room available for facials, full body waxing and massage therapy. I was very fortunate to work as a full-time receptionist there, but also leave the desk to do massages when they were scheduled. This was one of the funnest atmospheres to work in.

After the Salon, I went to work at Spa Julianna in Plymouth, Mi. I was lucky enough to branch out from just Massage and provide Body Treatments and Hydrotherapy Treatments too. It was an amazing experience and this was the first time I worked as a full time massage therapist. Unfortunately, they have closed for business.

I ended my Massage Therapy career at Gennero Chiropractic in Highland, Mi, where I learned and worked closely with a quite amazing staff and knowledgeable and fantastic doctors, Dr. Aaron Rice DC now in Sterling Heights, Mi and later with Dr. Nicole Palmer DC now in White Lake, Mi. I wasn’t fortunate to work directly with Dr. Gennero, however I did get to meet and interview with him a couple years before I started there.

The End

So I still call myself a Massage Therapist, even after not practicing for 5 years. I work for free now for family and friends, but they are few and far between. I hope I’ve conveyed that I LOVED being a massage therapist. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue due to lower back issues, but it was an invaluable experience where I met hundreds of interesting people.

Please share below if you have any experience or questions about a massage therapist! Take care.

Kerry Brauner

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