Define Everlong – The Foo Fighters Rock My World

Define Everlong – The Foo Fighters Rock My World

Okay, The Foo Fighters rock! Just saying. They are traveling around Europe at the moment promoting the new album Concrete and Gold (amazing, by the way), but hands down one of my favorite performers of ALL TIME! They toured with Weezer a few years ago and I will never regret going to see them. I would definitely recommend, if you have the chance! One of our favorite songs is Everlong. It seems like it may not make sense, but I can definitely relate as a lot of times I don’t make sense! Lets define Everlong, but first the good stuff!

Everlong Foo Fighters Lyrics and Song

This photo is hanging up in our living room, one of my Christmas presents that my lovely husband got for me and framed. I love it! Now that I work from home, thanks to my amazing job, I can surround myself with my comfort and amazing possessions that remind me how fortunate I truly am!


The Video Can be Seen Here

The video is amazing! Their artistic view on what the song means to them is so creative. I love the interconnectedness of the main character’s dreams. The guy (Dave Grohl) kicks things off by dreaming about an old time house party. You remember those! Anyhow, his girl is being picked on so of course how dreams go, his hand morphs and grows so he can beat up the bad guys.

Then the video goes to the girl’s (Taylor Hawkins) dream. “She” is in a cabin and the guy is out gathering firewood. Kinda reminds you of the old horror film, Friday the 13th. Anyhow, all of a sudden the bad guys from the guy’s dream are in her dream. They tie her up and look like they are going to do some damage to her. The guy comes in and his hand grows again so he can beat up the guys.

There’s more to it, but I’ll let you enjoy by following the link above.

Everlong Lyrics Meaning to Me

If you look at the lyrics one by one, maybe you can’t relate. I totally can, though. I am non-stop in my head, several ideas, questions and thoughts rush through my head. Recently, my husband bought me a voice recorder so that way if something hits me I can record it. Still haven’t figured out how to go back and get those thoughts yet. Soon.

Anyhow, getting off course. I feel like I am totally over my head in trying to make sense of life, why I was blessed/cursedus with this sickness. I want things to slow down, but the rushing of words comes so fast that I get overwhelmed.

Watching the Foo Fighters on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden was amazing! I love to let loose in the car too and sing at the top of my lungs and dance around too. Doesn’t happen very often, but when I hear the right song, I let it go!

What I know is I love my family and I hate to put them through this. There are times when I have to leave family functions early. Not that I don’t want to be there, just something triggers a thought and then I am overwhelmed. You can see it on my husband’s and mom’s faces. They are tired.

Hopes and Dreams

Is this real life or is this just a dream. I am with the man I was destined to be with. Guaranteed, he makes me better. He says I make him better…um, not so sure…OK, sometimes.

If everything could ever feel this real forever, makes me think of the little moments. Taking the time to stop, be present cameraand in the moment with the ones I love is something I forget to do. It makes me think of my favorite episode of The Office. Pam and Jim’s wedding, Pam’s relative told her to pause and take mental pictures during the day. Click!

So, What is the Real Meaning

That’s the great thing about art, you can interpret this however you see it. For me, the Foo Fighters wanted to convey the feeling in their video, super funny and crazy that there could be this interconnectedness (is that a word?) between two people’s dreams. For me, I think I really gotta get out of my head. How do you interpret it?

Please share below your thoughts on what this song means to you. As always, Take Care!

Kerry Brauner

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