Rules of Common Courtesy – Get a Clue!

Rules of Common Courtesy – Get a Clue!

OK. What the hell happened to common courtesy? I am so pissed off, people just don’t care about others anymore! Driving, visiting a store, coworkers and customers; I can go on and on. Why don’t we want to help anymore or practice common courtesy!

On the Road

WTF!!!! Driving through downtown Milford, where the speed limit is 25mph, I get passed? See the picture below and make note of the car and license plate. My husband took the picture gladly so I can share with you someone that passes in a downtown area! Where kids can be walking, crossing the street with their bikes! Again, WTF.

Ahhh, damn it! I deleted the picture! I know it was a white SUV!!

So I live right off of a main road called M-59 or Highland Road. It runs at 55 mph. Sometimes it’s crazy trying to get out on the road. Everyone is doing more like 65-70 mph. Now there’s construction. Only 1 lane is open and I’ve been almost run off the road a bunch of times. Hello people, I’m not slowing down to piss you off. There’s a step down off the road onto gravel, so I don’t want to get a flat tire!

My husband is a truck driver. He delivers lumber for a local company. Sometimes, with no place to park, he has to unload off of busy roads. Do you know he has been ‘buzzed’ or almost hit by a number of drivers who don’t give a shit? They just keep driving. Including other delivery drivers and cops! This is our livelihood! My husband is important to me and my family. WTF!!

My Mom was merging onto I-96 from Novi. The person ahead of her was traveling a little slowly and a car comes up right on her ass. This person had the balls to pass her merging on to a major expressway. This is my 62 year old mother driving home from work! I’d love to meet this asshole!

Customer Service

Have you ever worked in customer service? No one ever calls because they want to say hi. Something is usually wrong and guess what? I can’t help them! I work in the billing department and get several calls a day. Most times, the billing questions have to do with coverage and I am not a licensed agent. I try to explain that they need to contact their agent, “But why?” And then several questions follow, all asking the same thing, just in a different way. I’m not lying to you! I promise!

Some are the nicest people you will ever meet. Some are assholes! They think you are there just for them. One call I took, let’s just call him asshole#500. A business owner that thinks we as a company owe him the world because he blessed us with his business. Get a clue asshole#500! No one owes you anything! You pay $3000.00 a year, when most of our personal insureds pay more! Talk to me like I’m a human being and I’ll try to help you, if not sorry for your luck.

He got pissed over paying a $25.00 late fee, after we waived several of them previously? Come on, you were late! Just like you, I pay late fees when I’m late! Get the f@!k over yourself and pay the fee! Again, treat me like I am a human being and I will do my best. Push me and you will get NOTHING.

Another call I took, clearly this girl was doing something shady. She’s on a policy with her grandfather and great-uncle who probably have no clue. Their payment is about $500.00 per month and in June, her payment came back as non sufficient funds. Somehow, the payment was pushed to July making the payment about $1000.00. She asked to stop the automatic payment because the money won’t be there. Why? Is she screwing her family out of $1500.00? Shame shame!

At Work

For the most part, I love my job. I love most of the people I work with, but there are times when I hear so much complaining and talking crap about others it’s ridiculous! Why can’t we just get a long? Everyone is great at what they do, if not they need help. Stop complaining about it and help!

We have certain metrics that we have to hit/stay above every month. If an insured you talked to today calls back within 5 days, your score takes a hit. When someone is pissed off and calls back repeatedly, even after you tell them to call their agent, guess what? No help to my score! Sorry for your luck.

Come on people, get your shit together before you call in. Find your policy before you call in. Think about who, what, when, where, why and how before you call anyone in customer service. Plan ahead! I get that questions come up as you talk to the rep, but figure it out and make a list. We are not responsible for your mistakes, however we get all the blame.

I unfortunately have a problem with confidence. I don’t complain or try to overshare to anyone. No one needs to know my shit. Everyone has it! But, as a result I tend to do for others, maybe a bit too much. If a customer calls in that has a problem, even after talking to someone else, I take care of it for that other person. Not trying to step on toes, just trying to get stuff done for me and others.

But, if this isn’t reciprocated, I get pissed. An insured had a problem and I was the last to speak with him about a MONTH ago. I get that call transferred back to me by a coworker. Not 5 minutes later, I get a call from an insured who talked to that same coworker a week ago, but she didn’t fix the problem. Guess what? I took care of it. Why? She obviously won’t.

Intolerance – Unwillingness to View Difference of Opinion

Oh my gosh. Someone is gay! Someone practices a different religion! Someone is a Republican/Democrat/Liberal/purple/brown/green/yellow…WHAT THE F@!K!!!!!

Who cares!

I grew up in California, a big melting pot of several views on the world. I think that was the best thing! I didn’t experience racism, persecution of practicing religion, but I still had my issues. What’s wrong with believing and practicing what you want? Why do all wars start as a result of these things? And how can America get involved? We have our own baggage. We can’t take care of ourselves, what makes us able to help others?

Stop trying to help other countries. We need to get our shit together first. We need to help ourselves because right now, we as a nation we are falling apart. Home of the brave and free, bullshit.

Why do people want to keep pushing viewpoints on others? Get over yourself!


There are more important things to worry about! How about the fact that our government officials can stay in office for their ENTIRE LIVES and not make any changes that better society! How about the fact that our way of doing things just isn’t working! How about our medical insurance acts more as catastrophe insurance, not for the everyday problems! How about we live in a selfish society!

As always take care and please share your feelings.

Kerry Brauner

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